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Awaiting the Return of Top Chef

May 31, 2007

You know, Bravo has continually drawn fans such as myself in with miraculous power…I am talking Project Runway, Top Chef and the like. However, many were sorely disappointed by the latest show…Shear Genius (which I might add was worse than Top Design). The show, which brought together hairdressers to battle it out in a 7-week series of challenges (cut, color, design and creativity), was so bad that the season finale was only 1 hour long. Don’t worry reality fans, Top Chef returns in a mere two weeks. Next week however, we are in for a real treat…that’s right… the top 4 chefs from season 1 and the top 4 from season two, will meet face to face next week for a battle of the seasons… Yeah, I know what your thinking…do i seriously have to see that complete douche Marcel again? Yep.
marcel bad hair

But it should be quite interesting to see how Harold and Ilan do against each other. Tune in to Bravo June 6th at 10/9c to find out! ….and no, he hasn’t fixed that HORRIBLE hair…because he is still the Top Douche.

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  1. toddknight permalink*
    May 31, 2007 3:55

    He needs to put more foam in that
    greased wolverine cut he’s sporting.
    He is a total mental. I’d like
    Betty to make me a grilled cheese asap.

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