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Top Chef Season 3 – Watermelon Wars

June 25, 2007


Episode 2 aired Wednesday night on Bravo to a lack of…well, flair. The three favorites from the previous challenges had emerged as Micah, Tre, and Hung…but nothing was set in stone as this episode proved. Oh, the quickfires, how we love them.  The quickfire consisted of creating a enticing dish using a vast variety of citrus and guest judge Chef Norman Van Aken , a “godfather” of Florida cuisine. Really, to be honest, I thought the quickfire was a bit of a snooze fest but at least it had some surprise contenders… Micah, who won the first quickfire was selected as one of the bottom three in the challenge…she made some lame excuse about how she was sucking and cranky because she missed her daughter when it was obvious she was just bitter about losing. I believe Hung won the quickfire. Now, the real drama of the episode came out of Joey. He created a little watermelon flavored cocktail or something and guest judge Norman loved it…. Fast forward to the main challenge and Hung creates (along with his dish) a watermelon like cocktail. Joey freaks out, keeps saying that Hung stole his recipe and asked if he was going to put on his knee pads when he got back to the house … excuse me Joey, but what are you insinuating? Are you implying that Hung is sucking… well, you know, to win challenges? So, Brian took home the upscale BBQ challenge with his seafood sausage and Sandee was asked to pack her knives and go, when she created some poached vanilla soaked lobster dish that didn’t really qualify as BBQ. Anyways, to be completely honest, i don’t know whether it is because i am not attached to any of the characters yet (half of the people you rarely see so i don’t even remember their names) or whether this season is just not up to par…but i fell asleep during two seperate attempts to watch this episode… hence my rough, bitter, non-informative reveiw… sorry guys, hopefully this week’s episode will have me at the edge of my seat. Episode 3 aires 10 pm  on Bravo, Wednesday night.

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