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Top Chef Season 3 – “You American’s…”

July 9, 2007

ohhhh come on! TC3 … I am trying and i gotta say, this has been the hardest season for me to get attached to so-far. I guess I should save my bitching until i have giving a little recap as to what happened. Quickfire challenge: Grab as much shellfish as you possibly can out of a giant tank in 30 seconds and create an enticing dish with your catch. Some people seemed to be befuddled by this, Micah in particular who didn’t even know how to get her shellfish out of their shells (hence the lack of protein in her dish)…she ended up with a conch salad …minus so much conch. The top 3 of the quickfire were Brian (surprise, surprise…he works at a seafood restaurant afterall), Howie and CJ. The elimination challenge was a completely different ball-game which caught most of the chefs off guard. The challenge was to pick (out of a given selection) a classic American dish (on some i beg to differ) and re-create it into a low-cholestarol, healthier…but still delicious version. After everyone chose their dishes (such as Tuna casserole and franks and beans) they learned they were serving their dishes to two generations of Elk Lodge members. Most of the episode showed Micah bashing America with phrases like “when i think of American comfort food, I just think Blaheccch” and when presenting her rendition of meatloaf, “I know you American’s like your ketchup.” and other things insulting everyone that was there. Then we here from the Elk members and the judges how DISGUSTING her meatloaf was… haha. Ohh anyways, her dry, crunchy meat got her the boot! Thank god, i was tired of her whiny, shiny face. The only people that the judges and Elk’s liked were Dale, and his Chicken and Dumplings rendition (complete with instant mashed potatoes for dough) and Howie who made some sort of pork chop and applesauce dish (but chose to make a slaw instead of sauce)… Howie won the challenge just barely. I am waiting for something to draw me in… I miss Sam and Ilan (season two).

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  1. July 10, 2007 3:55

    Dale purchased a pre-cooked chicken as well! I was confused why they gave franks and beans so much shit for her sausage. Padma’s reaction.. “Did you make the sausage yourself??” Hilarious!

  2. MPowerPosse permalink*
    July 10, 2007 3:55

    yeah but at least Dale made some sort of creation with his dish… “franks ad beans” literally cut a sausage in half and put it ontop of over cooked lentils. Do you know how easy it is to cook lentils? I mean I completely get your point, but … jesus. Yeah, Padma is great…so sassy.

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