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Top Chef Season 3 – “A Real Tearjerker”

July 18, 2007


Has anyone else noticed how TC3 is taking a shift and showing a lot more, hmmm, Real World, style stuff, like all the chefs hanging out in the hot tub? Yeah, i know we saw our fair share of drunken drama last season (hence Cliff leaving the show) but this season just seems a bit more…pointless. So, I am trying to really pick my favorite chefs and it is difficult. For now I think it is Brian and CJ. But i do have my beefs… I really haven’t seen Brian step out of the seafood realm, and he is a seafood chef, so it would be nice to see if he has talent elsewhere.

 Alright, so quickfire begins, the contestants walk into the room which is filled with Bombay Shappire cocktails (BEST CHALLENGE EVER!) …the chefs get to drink their cocktails (which they picked from the knifeblock) and then create an appetizer that would go well with the cocktail. Top 3 were Casey, Dale and Tre, with Casey emerging as the winner and a new snobbish attitude (officially don’t like her). The bottom included Hung and Camille.

 The elimination challenge was to get into groups of 3 and serve a trio of a similiar ingredient in a four course meal to the dining elite. There was a big to do about how to break up into these groups and everyone ended up shuffling around in the end with Brian running for the seafood team (surprise, surprise) and Dale trying to go ballsy with dessert. Now, everyone, especially the judges kept making note of how they weren’t required to do a dessert course (however Dale felt that you must have a D course in a 4 course tasting meal). Nobody had significant pastry experience so they obviously ended up on the chopping block with their theme of pineapple (chosen of course by Dale) ….i liked Dale up until this episode where he got all self-proclaming and irritating. Anyways, they also pulled the second course team of Howie, Joey (yes, really funny they ended up working together) and snob-infested, immunity-granted Casey. They said Casey had the WORST dish ever both in concept and lack of flavor, but since she had immunity, one of her teammates was at risk. This caused her to start crying and whine about the judges giving her a guilt trip blah blah blah… but if you watched her during the challenge she was half-assing everything… maybe you should have thought about putting your partners in danger then bi-otch. So no surprise, Camille’s pineapple upside-down cake, which was a complete and utter mess got her the boot. Now, here is where the crying comes in… everyone and their goddamn mother was crying in the back room… Dale felt guilty, Joey cried his little eyes out and just about everyone left on a sad note…except the viewers. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Who the hell is Camille? I swear to god this is the first time I had ever seen her in front of the camera…  This next week better have some good cooking in it for me… I am getting pissy. Oh i totally forgot, the first course won the challenge (Brian, Hung and Lia) Lia took home the win.

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