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Top Chef Season 3 – letter to the judges

September 26, 2007

This may be a very old rant from a previous episode…but going into the final challenge I felt compelled to post this letter which has a lot of the bitter rage of Tre’s departure that let’s face it, most of us are still feeling. Thanks to the fan who wrote this.   

Dear Tom, Padma, Fruit cake in the blazer,

Nice work sending home Tre last night. You just sent home the top competitor

on a show now left with miscreant premadonna hacks. He took over a restaurant were

no one wanted to cook apparently. CJ was too busy reminiscing about lost

times with his teste, Casey was still trying to dice onions in under an

hour and Brian, well he didn’t really mess anything up.

Meanwhile, Dale and his bald-hawk remain in the midst with his

greased crew of characters. Howie’s sucking on oysters and Fat

Joey is showing up anywhere that has free food. We remember you

crying you fat bastard.

How tuff was Tre when he left? I was waiting for him to kick open the door. The school of

hard knocks taught him well.

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