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Two new weird DUI incidents

June 25, 2008

We all know how rampant DUI’s can be. We all know many people that have them…especially if you live in the state of Arizona, where I believe more people than not do…due to the extremely strict DUI policies.  But when it comes to strange DUI’s these really take the cake.

CASE #1:

A man in Australia was arrested for drunk driving this week with a blood alcohol content of 0.31 (shouldn’t he be dead!?! That is six times over the legal limit!) and was so intoxicated that he fell asleep at the wheel…or shall I say controls, of a motorized wheel chair. Even better, it’s not like the man was on the sidewalk… he was in the turning lane of a major highway. Apparently other motorists were having to swerve to avoid him. Way to go champ, way to go!

Fun Fact: Other “vehicles” you can get a DUI with in Australia: Horses, bicycles, wheelchairs, and skateboards.

CASE #2:

Oh Alaska, home of the rugged wilderness… and 20-year-old men starved for something, anything to do. In North Pole, Alaska this week, police received calls about a drunken man serving through lawns. The high, i mean slow, speed chase lasted for 200 feet at speeds of up to 5 mph! Poor Wyatt Lewis had a BAC of 0.18 (over twice the legal limit) and was arrested for driving a riding lawn mower while intoxicated.

I am very curious as to if he had the blades down and if so… what do those lawns look like?! Maybe he created some interesting patterns and instead of calling the cops, the neighbors should have given him $5 and a glass of lemonade.

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